EjectBar is compatible with macOS Catalina and later, available exclusively through the Mac App Store.

Billing enquiries should be directed to Apple customer support. The Mac App Store does not allow developers to give out refunds.

Refer to the frequently asked questions for answers to common queries. If you need further assistance, please email me or tweet @bzamayo.


How to change EjectBar Preferences?

Click the gear icon in the popover menu and select "Preferences".

Why did my automatic schedule not run?

The EjectBar application must be running for the schedule to be triggered. You can enable Launch EjectBar at login to keep the app running between computer restarts.

Why aren't all my network drives showing?

EjectBar only shows drives connected to your machine that must be ejected before unplugging, like SD cards and external hard disks. Network drives do not have to be ejected as they are powered externally, so they are not shown.

I really like EjectBar. What else do you make?

Thanks for asking. I develop another utility for the Mac called Tabs to Links, as well as several iPhone and iPad projects.